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Welcome to Djembe Manufacture – Zone of Music Instrument

Greetings from Djembe Manufacture – Bali Drum Factory, African Drum and Hand Percussion for Professional and Amateur ….

We are thank you very much for your visiting to our website. I hope you can enjoy it to surfing and browsing the product that you wish. In our website, you can find Bali Djembe, Bali Didgeridoo, Bali rain stick and other percussion from Bali.

We are offering our product for professional players, amateur players and businessmen who want to make and build relationship with us. We can guarantee that our product made by Professional craftsmen and made from the best materials. If you want to buy in a large quantity we have best offer for you.

We always keep control for the material before start produce. We check dryness of wood, Size and quality in order to make customer satisfy with our service. We do the same things to all products…